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Maha Ganapati Puja

Maha Ganapati is always worshipped before starting any good work or any pujas Maha Ganapati is know as vigneshwara it menas lord of all vighnas. SRI SAI KRISHNA performs Lord Maha Ganapathi pooja.

Mahakali Puja

MahaKali Pooja Is performed to removing of black magic and negativity in he life. SRI SAI KRISHNA will perform Mahakali Puja.

Lakshmi Homam

Lakshmi homam is done for the reason of gaining goodluck and wealth. the people who are into business and facing lack of finance will perform this homam to get blessings of goddess lakshmi.SRI SAI KRISHNA  performs Lakshmi pooja.

Maha Mrityunjaaya Homam

Maha Mrityunjaaya Homam is done to avoid death related problems. this homam is done to recive victory on death.SRI SAI KRISHNA will performs Maha Mrityunjaaya Homam.

Navagraha Puja

Navagraha puja is done to remove all bad luck in your life and attain arogya , saukhyam and ayur (Healthy ,happiness and longevity) this homam has powers to remove all 9 signs of Grahas (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, ketu and Rahu is know as Navagrahas) SRI SAI KRISHNA  will performs Navagraha Puja.

Maha Subarshana Homam

Lord Vishnu is the giver of comfort and peace holds the sudharshana chakra in his right hand. This Homam Perform by the moolamantra , which is the sudharshna mantra is know as most powerful and gives immense benefits SRI SAI KRISHNA will perform Maha Subarshana Homam

Saraswathi Homam

Saraswati is the god of learning , kingdom and wisdom.in sanskrit sara means essence and swa means self. Saraswati means "The essence of the self." SRI SAI KRISHNA will perform Saraswathi Homam.

Ayushya Homam

Ayushya homam is performed to worship the god of life.By performing this homam one will get long life blessings from AyurDeva.SRI SAI KRISHNA  Wil Perform Ayushya Homam

Panchamukhi Hanuman Puja

Panchamukhi Hanuman Puja is done for good health , happiness in life and courage SRI SAI KRISHNA will perform Panchamukhi Hanuman Puja.

Ashta Digbandhana Puja

This pooja is done to protect the one life form bad effects in the future and bad luck.SRI SAI KRISHNA will perform Ashta Digbandhana Puja.

Ashta Daridra Nivarana Pooja

This pooja is done to remove bad energy. SRI SAI KRISHNA Wil perform Ashta Daridra Nivarana Pooja.